How to Dress for an Interview

When you go for a job interview, first impressions are very important. Making the wrong first impression can seriously affect your chances of getting the job, and you will have to work so much harder if you want to get things back on a level playing field.

The way that you dress for your interview can play an important part in the impression that you make to your potential employer. It is therefore essential that you consider what you wear before you go to an interview.

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How to Hand in Your Notice at Work

If you wish to leave your current job, you will be required to give notice to your current employer. Giving notice advises your employer of your intention to terminate your contract of employment.

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Interview Techniques

Many jobs in the United Kingdom require applicants to undergo an interview process. The interview process gives employers the chance to meet the strongest candidates, and learn more about their suitability for the job in question. Getting the chance to question the candidates can give them a lot of information that cannot be gained from a job application or CV.

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