About us

The Employability Forum is an independent organisation that promotes the employment of refugees and the integration of migrant workers in the UK.

Employability Forum works with specialist agencies across the country, employers and government, using evidence from its network to develop practical policy recommendations. Over its twelve years of operation, Employability Forum has sought to influence the development of public policy for the integration of refugee and migrant skills into the workforce; to develop partnerships to support their integration; and to promote better understanding and recognition of the skills that newcomers bring to the UK.

"We are proud of our association with the Employability Forum and are delighted that it has had an impact. Asylum and immigration are complex areas of public policy and Employability has identified the important practical steps that need to be taken."

Bharat Mehta, Chief Executive, Trust for London

Employability Forum is grateful for financial support from independent trusts and foundations such as the Rayne Foundation and Trust for London, and by the Department for Education and London Councils.

To download a copy of our most recent annual report and audited accounts please click here.